Fraud and Forensic Services

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Why Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accountancy is a necessity for anyone involved in a financial dispute. It involves applying accounting and financial skills to the civil and criminal legal process.  
Plaintiffs, defendants, legal professionals and the courts require clarity and guidance in understanding complex financial issues. A legal team can only argue a financial case effectively if they have the full facts and figures at their disposal.


How We Can Help

Santos, Postal has a well-respected practice in forensic accounting, litigation support, and risk assessments. We offer a team of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners to help guide you through any personal or corporate financial disputes. In an increasingly litigious world, we provide client focused, highly responsive and reliable forensic services. With a long standing reputation of providing an array of high quality services, Santos, Postal focuses on building strong and long-term relationships.
In order to minimize your risk of fraud, Santos, Postal can act proactively and will help you identify and minimize the opportunities for a perpetrator to commit fraud by conducting a fraud risk assessment of your business. We will provide you with an in depth analysis of where you are most vulnerable and susceptible to fraud.  Our team of forensic accountants will recommend anti-fraud policies and best practices, and assist you in their implementation.


Proactive Services Available

  • A preliminary review to help identify key areas
  • Analysis of your business’ internal controls and financial data
  • Risk Assessment of your business

If a fraud is discovered, we will reactively guide you through the recovery process and begin the investigation to quantify and document the extent of the theft. Our team of forensic accountants will provide guidance in the investigation and aid in the court proceedings. At Santos, Postal we have qualified expert witnesses that provide you and the court a clear and precise picture of what has transpired.


Reactive Services Available

  • Examination of financial mismanagement
  • Reconstruction of accounting records
  • Detailed reports summarizing our findings
  • Identification of potential hidden assets
  • Net worth determinations
  • Business and estate valuations
  • Liquidity reviews (ability to pay)
  • Forecasts of cash flows
  • Quantifications of losses
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support