SantosPostal Grows Their Business with a Clear Focus and a Broad Reach

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Santos, Postal & Company, PC (SantosPostal) is clear: SantosPostal focuses on providing accounting and tax services. It is their core competency and has been for the past 35 years. At first glance, their objectives seem simple—to continue to provide quality services to existing and future clients. The challenge: their clients are moving into emerging markets in a global economy. “Our local clients have national interests, which means that we need to have those same interests,” says Postal. The solution for SantosPostal: to become affiliated with a worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms. Charles shares his unique approach to growing his business and supporting the businesses of his clients.

How did your decision to become part of an affiliate program complement SantosPostal’s business objectives?

SantosPostal needed a way to provide additional resources to our clients while maintaining a consistent level of quality service. Potentially there are different ways to achieve these goals including merging with a larger firm who offers enhanced capabilities, acquiring another firm with complementary capabilities or hiring additional staff members. The affiliation with MGI gave us the flexibility, independence and ability to move quickly not offered by the other solutions.

With MGI, we are associated with member firms all over the country who offer complementary services from which we can draw. An important aspect of our decision was to join with an organization who has similar goals, thought processes and outlook. We found an excellent symbiosis with MGI; the MGI member firms share our approach and our standard of skills and performance.

Has the affiliate relationship changed the way you do business?

Yes—we are now able to help clients solve business issues in ways we could not achieve previously. For example, one of our clients is a successful government contractor with business assets in Afghanistan. We partnered with an MGI affiliated firm located in Pakistan who obtained the permits and conducted the business audit in Afghanistan. Since the Pakistan firm understood the Afghani language and culture, it was a seamless process. We accomplished the work quickly for a very reasonable cost to our client.

In addition, the MGI connection provides additional resources enabling us to fulfill our role with our clients. We have a fast growing client who wanted to go public. We hired an MGI affiliated firm who specializes in establishing IPOs. (more here??)

We have also become associated with organizations that are interested in our particular skill set. An MGI affiliated firm located in Australia has a client who is interested in setting up a working relationship with AT&T. SantosPostal established a Maryland-based office for the Australia group. We also connected them with Maryland community leaders. We were successful in helping the MGI firm grow their business as well as developing increased opportunities for SantosPostal and the state of Maryland.

This relationship has prepared us to provide a full array of resources to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

What else are you doing to meet your business objectives? 

We have always been a very technology forward organization. We believe technology is an important tool for business success. Of late, we have focused on developing the soft skills of our staff members; helping with conflict resolution and stress management, providing training for message-based writing. We have found that a satisfied staff leads to satisfied customers. Growth is important, but growing in a positive direction is even more so.

Charles Postal is the Managing Director of Santos, Postal & Co., P.C. (SantosPostal). Charles assists local and regional businesses with their financial, tax and business planning needs. He focuses on real estate, syndicators, developers, wholesale-retail, professional service corporations, nonprofit organizations, and broker-dealers. Charles is a member of the AICPA, the Maryland Association of CPAs, the Greater Washington Society of CPAs, and the Institute of Business Appraisers. The Accounting Research Association has recognized Charles for his support of independent research and standard setting accounting principles. Named in 2004 and 2005 one of Maryland’s Top CPA’s by SmartCEO Magazine. A graduate of the University of Maryland and local resident for over 40 years, Charles has been a practicing accountant since 1978, and with SantosPostal since 1987.

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